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House - internal refurbishment

Casa Sant Cugat del Valles Barcelona 
The project is for the regeneration of an existing family house in Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona. The existing building is arranged over a number of split levels connected by a single staircase and an elevator with previous separate works being confined solely to the uppermost floor level.

The proposals are for the lowest three of the four split levels and aim to bring a sense of cohesion to the house to allow the six person family to allow enjoy the open social spaces whilst retaining the closed private spaces.

The principal reception floor opens the previously isolated kitchen to allow a dialogue with the dining, living and garden areas, whilst increasing natural light to the existing deep plan. a new slot window to the vertical circulation provides vistas to the dining space which is now pivotal to the reception floor.

Access to the house at the lowest level, sees the previously dark unwelcoming space now receiving natural light due to the works to open the kitchen area. The lower level also incorporates a reorganisation of the guest bedroom to provide a separate small ensuite bathroom in addition to the provision of new self-contained utility spaces. 

The upper level, sees a redistribution of walls to the bedroom layouts to maximise personal storage spaces together with the complete refurbishment of both bathrooms.

Materials and finishes are kept very simple with parquet replacing previous stone flooring, all new metalwork finished in dark grey and simple panels of wall colour to define each separate space.
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