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Apartment - internal refurbishment

Fulham SW6 London

The proposed design introduced a continuous wall of storage to the flank wall, acting as a 'bookend' to the terrace with the internal entrance area reorganised to bring clarity upon arrival. The entrance now includes a discrete recessed zone to allow temporary storage of visitors belongings. 

The bedroom is provided with new continuous full height cupboards and the bathroom layout is simplified and updated throughout with new sanitary ware fittings and concealed storage for small possessions.

The living area features a mix of new continuous full height cupboards and open shelving of differing proportions allowing storage of oversized books, compact discs and artefacts. Located adjacent to the disc storage is a discrete backlit recess to house the sound system whilst a 'mini home office' with laptop workstation and printer are concealed behind full height cupboard doors.  

The apartment has been unified by the use of colours set against white walls and ceilings, whilst the storage wall is lit with recessed floor uplighters.

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