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La Floresta, Barcelona
The project is for the regeneration and extension of a house in la floresta, barcelona, located on a generous parcel of land which enjoys views of the forest. the existing house required reorganisation and expansion to accommodate the clients and their young family.

an additional volume will complement the existing house, with the external envelope of this new volume utilising the exact same footprint of the existing listed house and the two are articulated by the use of a glazed slot, which signifies the new entrance point.

arrival is at the lower ground, entering into a lightwell, which connects to a workshop beneath the new building and a self contained studio beneath the existing one. vertical circulation is via the new steel and glass staircase, at the heart of the building, which connects the ground floor public areas with the first floor private areas. a possible future extension of this staircase may allow access to a roof garden.

to comply with local planning conditions, the existing house is completely refurbished and repainted in its original colour. the new volume is enclosed by a series of wide horizontal timber louvres which wrap as well as provide shading to the openings and security. the continuous ribbon of horizontal louvres are cantilevered on one side to provide a new external staircase to access the ground floor terrace which contains the new swimming pool as well as providing access to the existing garden folly.
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