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Stage 0 - Possibilities

Stage 1 - Inception

Stage 2 - Concept

Stage 3 - Developed design

Stage 4 - Technical design

Stage 5 - Construction

Stage 6 - Thrive

Stage 0: Possibilities

Discussion for the different possibilities your project presents.


From this initial visit we provide a Fee Proposal outlining our services, either for a full architectural service or to suit a Client’s specific needs.

We will also advise on any other consultants which may be required, and provide an initial timeline for the project, outlining the programming of key information and submissions.

Stage 1: Inception and Client Brief

Our work process offers a personal architectural service which begins with early close collaboration with clients to develop detailed briefs. A serie of sketches are instrumental to our way of working and testing design options.

- we will organise a measured survey to have accurate drawings.

- we will contact the local planning department to check any constraint.

- we will explore the different design options and produce a serie of hand sketches that are instrumental to the process.

- we discuss the budget to be realistic with our proposal.

We play with the options until we are sure that you are happy

Stage 2: Concept Design

Finalisation of the Client Brief.


Preparation of outline proposal

Stage 4: Technical design
Stage 3: Developed Design

Once we agree on the design option we will develop further the design and prepare the drawings for planning applications or permitted development  if required.

Stage 5: Construction

Preparation of the technical information and specification.

Preparation for Building Control approval

Prepare and advise on tendering and building contract.

Once the Contractor is appointed, we monitor the work on site for quality and make sure the work is as per agreed documents.

We resolve the design queries

We review the Contractor's information

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