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Casa Valldoreix, Barcelona
The project is for the regeneration and extension of a family house in Valldoreix, Barcelona. The existing building is unique, originally constructed as one house, to which a second has been built adjacent to it and then linked. Whilst this increased the available space, it has resulted in a number of inefficiencies.

The proposal constitutes a number of sensitive interventions to provide clarity in organisation in addition to maximising the existing combined volumes. In order to reduce ambiguity between the upper and lower arrival points, a new entrance has been created providing access through the upper garden. A meandering path between the existing fig, peach and lemon trees guides you to the new front entrance, visible and accessible across a new external south facing terrace. this area is protected with a retractable fabric shading device suspended from a new external steel structure which both defines and encloses the space. 

The new entrance lobby provides vertical circulation throughout the three levels and increases natural light. the floor, expressed by the use of glass panels, signifies the junction of the original two houses. This glazed floor element continues providing a bridge, through a new library and more formal access to the dining room.

The lower level incorporates a reorganisation of bedrooms and bathroom spaces in addition to the provision of a new home cinema room sheltered in an existing vaulted room. 

Materials and finishes are kept very simple with all new external and internal steel structural elements finished in grey to reinforce the interventions to the property.
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